Welcome To LCE

Leominster Center for Excellence (LCE) is helping its students make great strides toward the future. At LCE students drive the creation of a personalized learning experience based on their own passions and interests.  The core learning experience takes place outside the school, in an internship of each student’s choosing, wherein they work alongside adult mentors to solve real problems and carry out tasks meeting professional standards.  As Big Picture Learning founder Elliot Washor reminds us…

“knowing informs doing, but doing also informs knowing.”

The Leominster Center for Excellence provides a personalized education option for students based on the educational approach of the Big Picture Learning (BPL) global network of schools.

The BPL approach begins with a student-centered personalized academic plan based on each individual students’ interests and goals. Student achievement and success is facilitated by an advisory (led by core content teachers) and an internship opportunity in a local business, social service organization, or non-profit community organization. With the adopting of this design, The Leominster Center for Excellence formally becomes the first Big Picture Learning school to open in Massachusetts.

“We are extremely proud to join the Big Picture Learning network, and to be the first school in Massachusetts to do so. Joining this group from not just around the country, but from around the world, gives us confidence that a student-centered approach to teaching and learning is no longer a fringe idea in education.” – Principal, Carrie Duff