Students drive the creation of a personalized learning experience based on their own passions and interests.

About Our School

For over 20 years, Big Picture Learning has worked to put students at the center of their own learning.

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The application to apply to attend LCE for the 2016-1017 school year is now available.

Meet Our Students


Leominster Center for Excellence is a small innovation high school in the Leominster Public Schools, and a Big Picture Learning School. We believe that students learn best when they engage in authentic, rigorous and important work, both in school and with adults in the community. In conjunction with their teacher-advisors and family members, each student designs an Individual Learning Plan focused on their interests and passions. These learning plans guide the academic expectations and personal growth goals for each student and serve to measure progress.

At LCE, we recognize that every student is different with unique interests, strengths and weaknesses, and we strive to teach one student at a time. By focusing on a young person’s passions, we seek to build within them a capacity for rigorous work and learning, leading to personal and academic transformation. We challenge our students to become problem solvers and critical thinkers, to master language and mathematics, to explore history and science, and to pursue their own interests through multi-disciplinary independent projects. Our real-world learning approach builds students’ professional and networking skills, as well as their ability to self-advocate.

We know that learning is about people and about fun as well. We start each day with an engaging community gathering, and we practice mindful team-building and conflict-resolution. Student voice and leadership are the keys to the success of our program.

At LCE, every student is known, and creates his or her own path to excellence.

Core Design Elements of LCE

  • Real world learning, including internships and service learning experiences, where young people enter the professional world and create solutions to complex problems.
  • Small class sizes where each student receives individual attention, is challenged at his/her own level, and is held accountable for work and actions.
  • Respectful and strong relationships among students and staff
  • Family/community partnerships that bring the outside world into the school, and the school into the outside world.
  • We offer free support because we care about your site as much as you.
  • Authentic assessments, where students are expected to rise to rigorous, real-world standards of work.